• HumaSoak Therapeutic Bath Remedy


Relax and naturally detoxify your body

Balneotherapy, in one form or another, has been used since ancient times by both Greek and Romans.  Today it is used in expensive spas all over the world. Treatments include peat baths, Ayurvedic mud wraps, and natural mineral spring soaks. It was only recently that scientists discovered the active essences in these treatments are actually the humic and fulvic acids. (Visit TIME article A New Rub ).

HumaSoak is made of ancient organic matter, high in fulvic and humic acids.  

It offers all the benefits of a mud spa session or natural hot spring for under $1 a treatment. 

Use for skin conditioning, improve circulation, and detoxify the skin.  It's been found to ease symptoms of inflammation and reduce stress.  

When to use HumaSoak

After strenuous exercise
During periods of stress
To detoxify or condition the skin, the bodies largest organ
After any kind of body work, including massage, chiropractic and acupuncture
During cold and flu season 
Anytime to relax! 

Great for senior dogs who are arthritic or suffering from skin conditions!

Download complete therapeutic instructions here

IMPORTANT**** Label instructions call for two teaspoons on older packaging.  The density of this product has changed meaning you will only need to use 1 heaping teaspoon.

GENERAL DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add 1 heaped teaspoon (5 grams) to hot water
(water should be a weak coffee color. Make sure to de-chlorinate using a filter or de-chlorination product before adding).  Let water cool slightly and when tolerable slip in. Soak until bath cools, or a maximum of 20 minutes. Exit the tub immediately if you become dizzy. For the eco-minded, the cooled bath water can be used to water plants or lawn and will help condition the soil.  

Use of non chlorine treated water for soaking is recommended.

HumaSoak Therapeutic Bath Remedy

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