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 The #1 Selling Hydrogen Water Machine in Japan  AQUAX SWM3500

"AQUAX SWM3500" seven feature
(1)The mineral reduction hydrogen water generated by a simple operation
only attach to your home faucet, and then continuously produce and supply the mineral reduction hydrogen water.
(2)Mineral reduction hydrogen water friendly neutral
to generate a neutral mineral reduced water is the basis of water. Water discard waste you can use without without.
through adequate dissolved oxygen and mineral ball (medical king stone mainly) to generate a rich in waters minerals.
(Four)Double filter structure
to remove chlorine and impurities by a combination of fibrous activated carbon and hollow fiber membrane. Create a clean and delicious water.
(Five)Waste there is no water
because it does not separated into acidic water and alkaline ionized water, you can use the produced water as 100% without waste drinking.
(6)Stylish design
because the bright design and simple to fit in the kitchen and show refreshing around water.
(7)Easy operation with easy-to-read panel
to inform you in the reduction in the blink of an LED. You can be switched of reduction and water purification at the touch of a button.

New patent system "AQUAX SWM3500" was adopted
AQUAX SWM3500 adoption of the "AC super electrolytic reduction method" is a new technology that has been patented in Japan, the US, UK, French, German, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Taiwan. "AC Super electrolytic reduction method" is, in a general direct current electrolysis method creates a are not neutral region reduced water obtained. Produced water is not separated into acidic water and alkaline ionized water, there is no waste of discarded water, creating a water containing rich mineral.

Double water purification in water purification cartridge + spouting cartridge
Commentary imageWater purification cartridge
turbidity in the addition of the minerals in mineral Ball → fibrous activated carbon in the free residual chlorine and red rust, organics removal → hollow fiber membrane of the sub-micron holes (0.01μm), bacteria, mold and removal. Thread the important minerals. Furthermore, in the water discharge cartridge enhances the effect of preventing the growth of bacteria by the action of the silver contained in the fibrous activated carbon, it will supply the delicious water safer.

Reduced state check in easy-to-read panel
We will inform the reduced state in the reduced water generation lamp. If the lamp is lit or flashing three or more, you can use as a mineral reduction hydrogen water. 
Easily create a mineral reduction hydrogen water with the push of a reduction / water purification button. Water purification cartridge, and notify you by lamp is also time to replace the water discharge cartridge.
Commentary image

Product Specifications
Model-nameSWM3500 mineral reduction hydrogen water generator
SizeWidth 300mm × height 343mm × depth 135mm
weightAbout 5kg (except for the dry state ※ water purification / water discharge cartridge)
Power supply100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumptionMaximum 30W (varies depending on water quality)
Reduction methodWater purifier built-in continuous running water reduction scheme
Behavior frequencyTriple behavior by the high-frequency FM modulation processing
Water spouting volume0.7 to 4 l / min (0.15MPa when ※ vary with water pressure)
Use water pressureRaw water side proper water pressure 0.15 ~ 0.4MPa
Use water temperatureWater 5 ~ 35 ℃ (recommended use water temperature 10 ℃ or more)
accessories- Water purification cartridge (built-in already) 
, spouting two cartridge (one built-in already) 
, switching Kok faucet faucet adapter set 
cap loosening tool (built-in water purification cartridge aside)
※ ionized alkaline water should not be used.
For ※ can be mounted faucet click here , please.
※ In addition, "switching cock Instruction Manual" and "if that can not be mounting the faucet," You can download each of the manual the (PDF file) by clicking on the.


Optional replacement cartridges set



1 water purification cartridge one 
2 spouting cartridges

Replacement cycle:  

water purification cartridge about 1 year 

spouting cartridge about half a year

US Foundation 
Noguchi Medical Research Institute recommended products
Noguchi Medical Research Institute is to commemorate the performance of Japan's global medical scientist Hideyo Noguchi Dr. gave birth, the approval of the 1985 the United States government for the purpose of promotion of international medical exchange, the United States Foundation, which was founded in Philadelphia .

Foundation Ski Association of Japan recommended productsProduction: Corporation dress in ISO9001 certification

Hydrogen Water Machine - Countertop

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