• Quinton Marine Plasma - Isotonic

Quinton™ Marine Plasma is a nutrient and trace mineral rich marine fluid that is harvested from the depths of an oceanic plankton bloom.  This is nature’s most beneficial mineral support system.  Books in many languages have been written about this hundred year old discovery.

Quinton Marine Plasma products were first introduced in 1897 and their unparalleled therapeutic quality and efficacy have not been duplicated to this day.

Quinton Laboratories harvests seawater from pristine open ocean plankton rich zones and immediately refrigerates it to 4 degrees Celsius to preserve its complex biochemistry. This solution of the Periodic Table of the Elements is then micro-filtered to pharmaceutical standards and packaged in glass ampoules and vials. Quinton is never heated, or sterilized with UV, gamma rays, ozone or chemicals. 

There are two types of Original Quinton:

Quinton Isotonic is diluted to an isotonic concentration to conform to the human extracellular matrix (bio-terrain). Quinton Isotonic™ is excellent for long term use and is easily absorbed into the body when taken orally.

Quinton Hypertonic is pure seawater harvested from protected plankton blooms following the protocols of Rene Quinton. Hypertonic is a good way to start your protocol if you are generally healthy. Many Hypertonic users report positive results switching to Isotonic after several weeks or months and back to Hypertonic occasionally to regulate their system. After trying both, many just “know” which one they need when.

30 vials per case.

Quinton Marine Plasma - Isotonic

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